Human Performance Clinical Research Laboratory

The Human Clinical Research Laboratory, housed in the B wing of the Moby Complex on the Colorado State University campus in Fort Collins, Colorado houses a variety of the research laboratories of the Department of Health and Exercise Science. Over the years, a variety of additions and renovations have been made to this space, providing additional laboratory and office space for the department.

Many of the spaces within the Human Clinical Research Laboratory serve as “core” facilities utilized by multiple investigators. See below for the facilities that we utilize to help us in our research.

Screening subjects and acquiring their informed consent to participate in our studies is the first step and an ethically necessary component of our research.

The clinical portion of the laboratory houses a number of treadmills and ECGs that allow us to perform graded exercise tests to screen for overt cardiovascular disease in our subjects. Our physician collaborators supervise these tests and perform additional physical exams to ensure that subjects are appropriately cleared for participation. Additionally, metabolic carts can be used to quantify aerobic capacity and therefore fitness levels by measuring oxygen consumption during exercise. These types of tests can be performed utilizing treadmills or cycle ergometers.

Body composition is determined in all subjects by dual energy X-ray absorbtiometry (DEXA; Hologic). This lose-dose x-ray provides valuable information regarding percent body fat, lean tissue mass, and bone mineral density. Regional analysis of these scans allows for the precise determination of forearm size which we utilize in order to dose our pharmacological agents relative to a subject’s size. This helps to limit any potential systemic effects of these vasoactive agents.

The core biochemistry lab is where we perform various biochemical assays in-house or store samples for later analysis by collaborating laboratories.

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