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Check out a slideshow of some photos of our alumni from over the the lab, taking breaks from our hard work, and various 'going away' celebrations when people have transitioned out of the lab.

Those who have spent time in the Human Cardiovascular Physiology Laboratory have gained valuable training in critical thinking and knowledge of integrative physiology that prepares them for a variety of careers. Explore below to see where our alumni are and what they are doing. If you are a lab alumnus and would like to update your information, please email us.


Wyatt F. Voyles, M.D.

  • Former: Supervising cardiologist (2004-2010)
  • Current: Cardiologist, Associate Professor, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
  • Dr. Voyles's Physician Webpage
  • Our Publications with Wyatt on Pubmed

Former Graduate Students

Anne Crecelius, Ph.D. (2013)

  • Former HES Human Cardiovascular lab MS and PhD student.
  • Current: Assistant Professor at University of Dayton. Dayton, Ohio

Christopher Hearon Jr., Ph.D.

  • Former HES Human Cardiovascular Lab PhD student (2016)
  • Current: Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine, UT Southwestern Medical Center. Dallas, Texas.

Brett S. Kirby, Ph.D.

  • Former: Health and Exercise Science M.S.(2005-7) and Ph.D. student (2007-11); Research Associate (2012)
  • Dissertation: On the role of circulating ATP in vascular control at rest and during exercise of aging humans
  • Thesis: Mechanical influences on skeletal muscle vascular tone in humans: insight into contraction-induced rapid vasodilatation
  • Current: Lead Physiologist, Next Generation Research. Nike Sport Research Lab. Nike

Carrie B. Morrison (Simpson), M.S., M.M.S., P.A.-C

  • Former: Health and Exercise Science M.S. (2007-9)
  • Thesis: Acute ascorbic acid infusion improves exercise hyperemia during rhythmic but not single contractions in aging humans
  • Current: Physician Assistant, SurgOne Foregut Institute, Englewood, CO

Rachel Markwald, Ph.D.

  • Former: Health and Exercise Science M.S. (2007-9)
  • Thesis: Hypoxic vasodilation in healthy humans: contributions of nitric oxide and vasodilating prostaglandins
  • Current: Physiologist, Naval Health Research Center, San Diego, CA

Jennifer Richards, Ph.D.

  • Former HES Human Cardiovascular Lab PhD Student (2014).
  • Current: Research Associate for Human Cardiovascular Physiology Lab and Adjunct HES instructor.

Erica G. Smith, M.S., B.S.N.

  • Former: Health and Exercise Science M.S. (2005-2007)
  • Thesis: Ageing and leg postjunctional alpha-adrenergic vasoconstrictor responsiveness in healthy men.
  • Current: Registered Nurse in Pediatric Cardiac ICU, Charleston, SC

Non-Thesis Graduate Students

Sara Murphy, M.S.

  • Former: Biomedical Sciences M.S. (non-thesis; 2010-11)
  • Current: Student, Medicine, Kansas City University – Medical Branch, Kansas City, MO

Whitney Lewis, D.O.

  • Former: Biomedical Sciences M.S. (non-thesis; 2007-2008)
  • Current: Emergency Medicine Resident, UT Southwestern/Parkland Hospital, Dallas, TX

Rick Carlson, D.O.

  • Former: Undergraduate Volunteer (2006); Biomedical Sciences M.S. (non-thesis; 2006-07); Research Associate (2007-2008)
  • Current: Emergency Medicine Resident, St. Lucie Medical Center, Port St. Lucie, FL

Former Undergraduates

Honors Students Completing Undergraduate Theses

Mohammed Eldeiry (Chemical Engineering)

  • Thesis: Shear stress in the microcirculation and ATP release (2011)
  • Current: Student, Medicine, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Linnea Pudwill (Health and Exercise Science)

  • Thesis: Sympathetic vasoconstriction and contraction-induced rapid vasodilation (2007)
  • Current: Student, Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Undergraduate Volunteers

Joe Felton

  • Current: M.S. Student, Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State University

Mike Numon

  • Current: Phlebotomist

Hogan Knox

  • Current: Student, Medicine, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Mike Lehrer

  • Current: Student, Medicine, Creighton University, Omaha, NE

Anna Eberhart

Alan Hoffman

  • Current: Student, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Angie Vitale

  • Current: Student, Nursing Program

Katie Glenesk, D.P.T.

  • Current: Physical Therapist, US Military Academy – West Point, NY

Chris Baltzell

Dave Otten, M.D.

  • Current: Physician

Gwen Otten

Former Employees

Leora Jordan Garcia, M.S.

  • Former: Research Associate II, Lab Coordinator
  • Current: Student, Occupational Therapy, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

Julia Davis, B.S.

  • Former: Research Associate II, Lab Coordinator
  • Current: Operations/Program Support Specialist, Global Health Access Program, Mae Sot, Thailand

Katie Drobnitch, B.S.

  • Former: Summer research assistant

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